What is a miracle

From the book "EVELYNE BLAUKRISHNAMURTI 100 years"

QUESTION: You told a story in which Krishnamurti recounted what was called a miracle. Would you tell us about that?

G.NARAYANAN: Years ago I was walking with Krishnaji on the beach of Madras. This was around 1959. As we walked alone, I asked him about miracles and and what he thought of it. He said, "I will tell you an anecdote." He said a husband had come and wanted Krishnaji to help his wife. Her leg was in serious condition after a fracture and there was some kind of flesh growing between two joints and it couldn't be operated on and there was a need for amputation of the leg at the knee. So Krishnaji said, "What can I do? If you want you can bring your wife." So next day the wife was brought in the office room and she was carried on a stretcher and as she was coming along, Krishnaji came out of his room and the lady saw Krishnaji and their eyes met and she got up and walked away. This is the anecdote. Krishnaji turned around to me and said, "Old boy, I thought they were pulling my leg." So I kept quite. I thought probably it was a joke. Then he said, after a pause, "Next day, in the morning, the daughter came along with a garland and said, "Do you know what you have done to my mother? It's a miracle." There was a great sense of humour in this. So I asked Krishnaji, "Is it because the woman had faith in you?" He said, "No, this was not the reason." "Then, how did it happen?" I asked. He said, "Somewhere, something clicks." So I asked him again, "What is it that clicks?" He said, "Energy — energy passes." So that was the end of conversation.

Krishnaji was very modest about us talking about his healing powers. But he made a very interesting comment. He said, "Healing the body is a simple matter. A good doctor can do it. But healing the mind is far more profound and greater. To heal the mind of sorrow and fear and loneliness, requires great attention and depth." So, Krishnaji didn't want his friends to talk about his healing powers because that was not his function. His main mission, if it could be called a mission, was to heal the mind. And this comes out very clearly because the main purpose of his teachings is "to set man unconditionally free."

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