Krishnamurti in Greece

Krishnamurti visited Greece four times: in December 1930, in June 1933, in March 1954 and in September 1956. He was planning to visit Greece for the fifth time in September 1986, but was unable to do so since he passed away in February of the same year.

Krishnamurti/s first visit to Greece was in December 1930, when he stayed in Athens at the hotel "GRAND BRETAGNE". He gave one public talk, at the theatre OLYMPIA, of which the main issue was "Man and the ego".

In June, 1933, he stayed in Athens at the hotel "ACROPOLE" and a five day gathering of a large group of his greek friends was organised in a private area in one of the most beautiful outskirts of Athens, Kastri. There, between 1st and 5th June, sitting outside under the pine trees. During this second visit, on 7th June, he also gave a public talk in the best cinema hall of Athens, Pallas, located in the city centre. He also gave an interview to a large morning newspaper "Acropolis".

In March, 1954, for two weeks he stayed strictly incognito in a villa in one of the most picturesque outskirts of Athens, Ekali, where he held certain discussions during regular meetings with a small group of friends that were keenly interested in his teachings.

In September, 1956, K. stayed in a private house in the centre of Athens and gave three public talks on 24th, 26th and 30th, in the Parnassos Concert Hall. He also gave an interview to a large morning newspaper "Kathimerini".

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