The "KRISHNAMURTI LIBRARY", an official non profitable association, was founded on 29th October 1986 with the purpose of making Krishnamurti's work available to anyone interested in studying it and helping preserve it undistorted.The KRISHNAMURTI LIBRARY of Athens functions without any of the usual negative attributes of groups or organizations.

It is housed in a very small apartment in Athens, (NIKOTSARA 7, 11471) where one can find all of Krishnamurti's books in greek and English, all of the video-tapes, some of them dubbed or subtitled in greek, a few audio cassettes and a computer with the CD ROM KRISHNAMURTI TEXT COLLECTION AND INDEX software. For access to the available material all that is needed is a simple phone call (+30 210 64 32 605) in order to fix an appointmnet (Monday through Friday, 11.00-17.00), and one can stay in the Library as long as one wishes to study in all privacy. There is no fee required. One can also get information by sending an e-mail to 

The KRISHNAMURTI LIBRARY attends to the translations and publications of Krishnamurti/s books, as well as to the dubbing and subtitling of his video-tapes in greek. It does not sell or hire out anything, it does not receive contributions of any kind and in general it is not involved in financial transactions of any sort. The KRISHNAMURTI LIBRARY's expenses are covered by money offered by the persons who have undertaken the responsibility of its function.There are people interested in K's work in other parts of Greece - Corinth, Corfu, North Greece etc.- who meet and have discussions or watch video-tapes of Krishnamurti talks. Occasionally they contact the KRISHNAMURTI LIBRARY asking for information or printed material related to K's work. However, they are not, and never have been, part of an organised network. 

The KRISHNAMURTI LIBRARY moves, hopefully, on the same line with what Krishnamurti said in one of his earliest talks after he dissolved the ORDER OF THE STAR

If you are really a body of people who are discovering, not who have found, if you are a body of people who are giving information, not giving spiritual distinctions, if you are a body of people that have a really open platform, not for me or for someone special, if you are a body of people among whom there are neither leaders nor followers, then there is some hope for it in the world. (...) In true spirituality there is no distinction of the teacher and the pupil, of the man who has knowledge and the man who has not.

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